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DHLC2000 Electric Lifting Column

  • 500l
  • 500P
  • 620l
  • 620P
  • 870l
  • 1170l
  • 1470l
  • Black
  • Gray
  • White
  • C4

About this item

1. Maximum load capacity of 200kg and a speed of 18mm/s.

2. Built-in Hall sensor and infinite switch, requiring control by a Hall controller.

3. The electric lifting column is available in 2 columns and 3 columns, with stroke options of 500mm, 620mm, 870mm, 1170mm, and 1470mm.

4. Suitable for furniture desks, industrial lift tables, photography tables, laboratory lift tables, TV lifts, and other applications.

Product Description


DHLC2000 electric lifting column,maximum load 200kg,speed 18MM/S,built-in Hall sensor,infinite switch,need to be controlled by Hall controller.The electric lifting column is divided into 2 columns and 3 columns,and the stroke is divided into 500MM/620MM/870MM/1170MM/1470MM.Suitable for furniture desks,industrial lift tables,photography tables,laboratory lift tables,TV lifts and other places.


Model 500l 500P 620l 620P 870l 1170l 1470l
Initial Height 660MM 650MM 570MM 560MM 730MM 860MM 1000MM
Final Height 1160MM 1150MM 1190MM 1180MM 1600MM 2030MM 2470MM
Stroke Length 500MM 500MM 620MM 620MM 870MM 1170MM 1470MM
Section 2 2 3 3 3 3 3
Input Voltage DC24V~DC30V
Load Pull Capacity(N) Max 2000N Max 1600N 1S/2400N 2S/3200N 4S
Load Push Capacity(N) Max 2000N Max 1600N 1S/2400N 2S/3200N 4S
Self-locking Capacity(N) 1000N/2000N 1000N/1500N
Maximum Speed 25MM/S(Full Load 20MM/S) | 18MM/S(Full Load 15MM/S)
Color RAL9005(Black) / RAL7045(Gray) / RAL9016(White)
Usage Frequency 10% Work System, Maximum 1 Hour Continue Working
Ambient Temperature -10℃ to 60℃
Optional Features Hall Sensor
Limit Switches None




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