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Introduction of Lifting Office Chair

Electric Lifting Chair

In our daily office, desk is the most commonly used office furniture, the use of desk styles, but can automatically lift the height of the desk is very few. The emergence of lifting desks meets the different needs of many people, so what are the characteristics of automatic lifting desks? What are the types of lifting desks?

1. Principle of Hydraulic Lifting Chair

The hydraulic jack in the key part of the hydraulic lifting chair is driven by manpower and driven by hydraulic system. Cylinder block or piston are used as lifting parts. Hydraulic jack can be divided into integral type and separate type. The integral pump is connected with the hydraulic cylinder; the separated pump is separated from the hydraulic cylinder and connected with a high-pressure hose in the middle.

2. Principle of Spiral Lifting Chair

Its basic principle can be summarized by "screw turning". The self-locking of the screw pair is used to lock the position of the chair. It has simple structure, high safety and no potential safety hazard. It should be noted that the bolts and nuts of the spiral chair are easy to rust, so the durability is not very good. Moreover, after using for a long time, the screw connection is easy to loosen due to wear and tear.

3. Principle of Lifting Chair with Fixed Position

It can achieve the ascent and descent of a predetermined number of positions. It can be realized by screw connection of stuck chair leg seat. Although the structure is simple, the adjustment is not very convenient, so it is mostly used in children's chairs.

4. Principle of Electric Lifting Chair
Linear drive electric push rod lifting device Electric push rod lifting column is a new linear lifting actuator composed of motor, push rod and control device, which can realize long-distance control and centralized control. Electric push rod lifting column moves up and down in a certain range of travel. Generally, the standard travel of electric push rod lifting column is 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 mm. Special travel can also be designed and customized according to different application conditions.