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DHLA8000 Electric Linear Actuator A1 12V

  • 50MM
  • 100MM
  • 150MM
  • 200MM
  • 250MM
  • 300MM
  • 350MM
  • 400MM
  • 450MM
  • 500MM
  • 600MM
  • 700MM
  • 800MM
  • 900MM
  • 1000MM
  • DC12V3.3MMS8000N
  • DC12V9MMS3000N
  • DC12V15MMS2000N
  • DC12V20MMS1500N
  • DC12V27MMS800N

Voltage: 12V
Current: 5Amp
Max Load: 8000N
Max Speed: 27MM/S
Stroke: 50-1000MM


About this item

1. Evolved Performance: Building upon the DHLA6000 series, the DHLA8000 is an upgraded high-power electric linear actuator designed for even more robust performance and reliability.

2. Exceptional Load Capability: With an impressive maximum load capacity of 8000N, this actuator effortlessly handles substantial loads, making it suitable for demanding applications.

3. Secure Self-Locking: Achieving an 800KG self-locking load capacity, the DHLA8000 ensures secure positioning, maintaining stability and accuracy in various settings.

4. Dual Structural Options: The DHLA8000 offers two distinct structures. One version operates on electric DC24V or DC12V power, while the other provides both DC electric and manual operation capabilities, allowing flexibility in usage scenarios.

5. Enhanced Stability: Addressing a limitation of the DHLA6000 series, the DHLA8000 boasts improved self-locking force, preventing load retraction after power-off in upper and lower installations. This advancement ensures enhanced stability and control during operation.


Product Description


DHLA8000 is an improved high-power electric linear actuator based on the DHLA6000 series. The maximum load is 8000N, and the self-locking load capacity can reach 800KG. The self-locking force of the DHLA6000 series is low, and the load force will be retracted after the upper and lower installations are powered off. 8000N electric linear actuator has two structures, one is electric DC24V or DC12V for operation, the other is DC electric and manual operation.

Optional Configuration



Voltage DC12V
Speed (MM/S) 3.3 9 15 20 27
Load Pull Capacity(N) 8000 3000 2000 1500 800
Load Push Capacity(N) 8000 3000 2000 1500 800
Self-locking Capacity(N) 8000 3000 2000 1500 800
Stroke Length 50mm-1000mm
Motor Power 60W
Limit Switches Built-in
Operating Frequency 10%max 2min. continuous use
Operating Temperature 0°C~+40°C
IP Grade IP43
Noise <30dB
Inner Tube Aluminum Tube
Lead Screw Type Type T
Material Stainless steel tube and stainless steel tail
Mechanical Life More than 300,00 times




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