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DHLC7180-AL Electric Lifting Column--AL Panel -- 750KG Max Load

  • 50MM
  • 100MM
  • 150MM
  • 200MM
  • 250MM
  • 300MM
  • 350MM
  • 400MM
  • 450MM
  • 500MM
  • 600MM
  • 700MM
  • 800MM
  • 900MM
  • 1000MM
  • 1100MM
  • 1200MM
  • 1300MM
  • 1400MM
  • DC12V3.3MM/S
  • DC12V4MM/S
  • DC12V9MM/S
  • DC12V14MM/S
  • DC12V24MM/S

Max Load:7500N
Max Speed:24MM/S


About this item

1. High Load Capacity: The DHLC7180 electric lifting column is designed for both home and industrial settings, boasting an impressive maximum load capacity of 800KG.

2. Multi-Application: Ideal for medical and industrial equipment, this lifting column facilitates smooth vertical movement, offering adaptable solutions.

3. Synchronized Operation: With the option to pair with a Hall controller, 2-4 columns can be synchronized for coordinated movement.

4. Sturdy Design: The default panel features a durable 2002005MM iron plate (alternative 20020010MM aluminum plate available). The two-section aluminum column shell, with a width of 133/123MM, enhances structural stability.

5. Customizable Stroke: Tailor the product to your needs, as the lifting column's stroke height can be customized within the range of 50-1400MM, ensuring flexibility in various applications.

Product Description


DHLC7180-AL electric lifting column with large load capacity is suitable for home and industrial environments, with a maximum load capacity of 800KG, which can be used for the rise and fall of medical equipment/industrial equipment. The electric lifting column can be matched with the Hall controller to realize the synchronous operation of 2-4 columns.
electric lifting column default panel is 200*200*5MM iron plate (200*200*10MM aluminum plate is optional), the shell adopts two-section aluminum column with a width of 133/123MM, and the product stroke height can be customized from 50-1400MM.


Speed (MM/S)3.34.591424
Load Push Capacity(N)7500550027001800500
Self-locking Capacity(N)7500550027001800500
IP GradeIP43
Limit SwitchesBuilt-in
Operating Frequency10% Work System, Maximum 1 Hour Continue Working
ColorSilver White
PanelsPowder Coating
Stroke Length50mm-1400mm
Optional FeaturesRebound or Pause When Encountering Obstacles
Hall Sensor (only 24V)
Upper And Lower Limit Feedback



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